The playground is located on the southern side of Petra Academy. This is a safe area, receiving abundant southern sunlight and beautiful views of mountains to the south. The space is created out of four separate “play zone” areas connected together with a meandering path and two larger open areas.

Each play zone becomes its own space within the overall layout of the greater playground, with the character of each play zone being defined by the physical attributes of the apparatuses located in zone and the unique function of each individual piece. Each zone is conceived to bring a unique play experience for the children as they interact within that play area. Within each of these zones, around each apparatus will be a clear, object free use zone. Each use zone will have a soft ground cover associated with it.

To further enhance the play experience, each play zone is connected with a meandering path. This path creates an experience all its own as the children wonder through the playground from play zone to open space to play zone. In addition to connecting the play zones, the path also circulates by two large open play areas. Each of the open areas has a unique formal function. In addition to the function of each, they also serve as a buffer between each of the play zones.

One open space is the hill. This area consists of the berm, which is used for sledding, rolling, or simply as a place to lie and gaze at the sky. At the base of the berm is a large open area used as an open “catch” area for a safe landing for the sledding experience.

The other open space is the field. This large open space is intended to be used for open play including activities as ball throwing and catch, soccer, running, tag, or whatever activities children can dream up.