What’s New in 2016-17

WHAT’S NEW IN 2016-17

New Classes and Courses

  • Second 3rd grade – As our school continues to grow, so does the opportunity to continue to provide classes no larger than 16 students each. Thankfully, we have a 1-year-old new addition to facilitate this growth.
  • Orchestra (4th-6th grades) – On the heels of our successful 1st-3rd grade violin program, we are pleased to announce the beginning of our new 4th-6th grade Grammar Orchestra, as part of our expanding music program. The class will be taught by 1st-3rd grade violin teacher, Ms. Ginny Owens, and is included in tuition (though students need to provide their own instruments).
  • Lyceum (7th-12th grades) – Led by our Humanities team, this new once-a-week gathering will facilitate deeper thinking and application of humanities material through communal lecture and discussion.
  • Choir (9th-12th grades) – With the addition of this new Upper School elective, Petra is now offering choir from 4th-12th grade with Mrs. Heidi Hornung.
  • First dual enrollment course (Computer Science I) offered in conjunction with Gallatin College/Montana State University for 10th grade – The first of more dual enrollment courses to come, students (10th graders this year) can take and receive Petra credit for our Computer Science I course from Mr. Koenen and, by paying a fraction of the college credit tuition, can earn transferable college credit.
  • Computer Science II (11th grade) – Offered as an elective for 11th graders this year who took Computer Science I last year to continue their coding education.
  • Drama IV elective (11th-12th grades) – Rounding out our dramatic offerings with this new elective (Theater Careers) is especially for 11th and 12th grade students.
  • Improved Upper School math tracking accommodated by scheduling – By hiring two more math teachers and a creative schedule, we are providing more options for accelerated students in mathematics. Options this year:
    • Pre-Algebra/Algebra I
    • Geometry/Algebra II
    • Algebra II/Trigonometry

New Improvements and Initiatives

  • Continued implementation of our house system – The goal of our House system is to further develop within our school a community of students encouraged to love God completely, love others well, and love themselves rightly.
  • More athletic practice synergy – As our athletic offerings continue to grow in number, we hope to leverage the experience of our older/returning players while giving younger/new players the opportunity to push and compete for positions. Thus, while we will continue to compete by age division (5/6, 7/8, JV, Varsity), practices will combine 5th-8th grade athletes in one practice group and JV/Varsity athletes in another to build broader and deeper camaraderie among our teams.
  • Our new playground – It’s been a long time coming, but we’re excited about the first phases of our new playground coming online in September.
  • Association of Classical and Christian Schools 5-Year Re-Accreditation – Led by Academic Dean Sam Koenen, we look to secure our third accreditation as a member in good standing in ACCS.
  • Online enrollment for 2017-2018 – For the sake of ease and time for new and returning families to Petra next year, we’re excited to be working to offer online enrollment for 2017-2018.
  • Summer Scholae Camps (June 12-16 and 19-23, 2017) – Parents of students ages 7-12, mark your calendars now for our new 5-day Summer Scholae Camps next summer. Details and enrollment information to come by Spring Break 2017!

New Faculty & Staff